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CMC3 as an organization is committed to engaging in anti-racist practices, and engaging in discourse to address systemic issues of racism and exclusion in STEM education. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the empowerment of marginalized mathematics students from Northern California Community Colleges.

Invitation to 2021 National Workshop on Data Science Education

UC Berkeley would like to formally invite you to apply to be part of the fourth annual National Workshop on Data Science Education. This exciting workshop will be fully virtual from June 14 - 18, 2021, and is organized by UC Berkeley's Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society with support from Microsoft and the West Big Data Innovation Hub.

This year’s workshop and list of topics is at: 2021 National Workshop on Data Science Education.

The vision for the conference is that on Monday will be a set of presentations about offering an Introductory Data Science course like Data 8, including practice labs. On Tuesday, there will be office hours from the Berkeley professors and student staff. On Wednesday to Friday, there will be live panels on a variety of related topics of interest to Data Science Educators.

Conference topics include:

  • What it is like to develop and run an introductory foundations of data science course?
  • Development of the affiliated connectors and modules in social, physical, and professional fields
  • Shared experiences of previous participants in implementing data science course
  • Logistics of deploying a Jupyterhub
  • Automatic grading solutions for Jupyterhub pedagogy materials
  • Integration of Human Contexts and Ethics into Data Science courses

Check out the link below for last year's workshop to see related content: 2020 National Workshop on Data Science Education.

The application link can be found below. The workshop is intended for educators at all levels who are interested in Data Science Education. Please forward to anyone who you think would be interested.

To Apply: Application
Workshop Dates: June 14 - 18, 2021
Cost: Free

2021 Fall Conference

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the 2021 Fall Conference, our 49th, will be held virtually via Zoom.

2021 Spring Conference

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the in-person 2021 Spring Conference, normally held in South Lake Tahoe, was instead a remote conference.

Why Support CMC3?

CMC3 was founded in 1972 to provide a forum through which community college mathematics faculty in Northern and Central California can express themselves professionally at the local, state, and national level, as well as to support mathematical activity by students and faculty.

CMC3 works to improve the quality of mathematics education in California and better prepare students for the future in which they'll find themselves, one they not likely have expected. The methods by which it does so include holding Fall and Spring conferences, funding scholarships through its foundation, and working with partners AMATYC and CMC3 South to help the legislature and the Chancellor’s Office make the right decisions on how to best serve students.

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