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Student Speaker Competition

Each Spring the CMC3 Foundation honors one full time California community college student who has investigated a topic or application in mathematics. The student selected gives a 20 minute presentation on their work at the Spring Conference. That student also receives a $500 scholarship, made possible by a generous gift from past CMC3 president Debra Landre.

Submitting a Proposal

If you are currently a California community college student and would like to be the speaker at the Spring 2019 conference please submit a proposal.

2018 Student Speaker

Gabriel Fredericks spoke on the Practical and Theoretical Significance of L-Functions.

CMC3 Past Student Speakers

2018Gabriel FredericksSolano Community CollegePractical and Theoretical Significance of L-FunctionsJoseph Conrad
2017Christopher YangLas Positas CollegeTidal Forces and the Expanding Orbit of the MoonDr. Ruchira Majumdar & Dr. Robin Rehagen
2016Nick SaalSanta Rosa Junior CollegeSummation Methods on Divergent Series?
2015JoeAnna McDonaldSacramento City CollegeElliptic Curves?
2014Gabriel McHughSanta Rosa Junior CollegeΦ-Fi_Fo_Fum?
2012Jesse CohenSanta Rosa Junior CollegeAlgebra: A Student's Exploration of Space and Structure
2011Andrew Gabriel?Cantor’s Set Theory, His Opposition, and His Spiral Into Insanity?