California Mathematics Council Community Colleges 

CMC3 Endorsement Policy

As part of the mission of CMC3, the organization will consider endorsement of any
initiative proposed by a CMC3 member that has the intent of making a profound positive
change(s) in the teaching and learning of mathematics at the California Community
Colleges. Specific requirements for a formal endorsement include:

  1. The initiative must specifically focus on the teaching and learning of mathematics at
    California Community Colleges.
  2. Involve more than one district within the California Community College system.
  3. Be expandable to any mathematics department at a California Community College.
  4. Have value that is worthy of a presentation at either the CMC3 spring or fall
  5. The initiator must be a member of CMC3 or CMC3 South.

The endorsement committee will consist of the president-elect, the president, and the
past-president of CMC3.  A unanimous vote of all three members must be made to
endorse or decline to endorse a proposed initiative. If one of the three members is recused
due to a conflict of interest, then the treasurer will participate in that person’s place. If
there is no consensus by the committee on endorsement, then the vote will go to the
board as a whole. The president of CMC3 will chair the committee, will write and sign
the endorsement letter, and will communicate with the initiator. If the president needs to
be recused due to a conflict of interest, then the past-president will chair the committee.


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