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CMC3 Foundation Board

Your CMC3 Foundation Board is committed to the CMC3 Foundation, which provides scholarships to California community college students under the purview of CMC3, recognizes and rewards student academic success, and the encourages interest in mathematics and mathematics education, according to its constitutionc

The Foundation currently awards an average of more than $6,000 in scholarships every year to students, and would dearly love to greatly increase those awards. Please help us do so by joining CMC3, attending our conferences, and donating to our organization. The Foundation also sponsors a student poster session at the fall conference, and a student speaker competition at the spring conference. Such events offer our students an opportunity to earn scholarships, ond perhaps more importantly, provide them a forum that requires them to engage in public speaking and interact with an audience, skills that will serve them well after transfer at their transfer institutions, as well at when interviewing for employmente after graduation.

In our pursuit of that goal, the CMC3 Foundation Board will continues to solicit donations from other foundations, corporations, the business community, our CMC3 membership, as well as organizing many other fund-raising events, all with the goal of helping students achieve their educational goals. We eagerly welcome any ideas you might have regarding these endeavors, so please do contact us through any of our Foundation Board members.

Help us help students by making a donation to the CMC3 Foundation.

CMC3 Foundation Board of Directors

PresidentKatia FuchsCity College of San Francisco
TreasurerLeslie BantaMendocino College
Member-at-largeManny KangSan Jose City College
Member-at-largeCortney SchultzSanta Rosa Community College

CMC3 Foundation Legacy Donor Award

Established in 2018, the Legacy Donor Award honors those whose generosity has made a significant impact on the work of the CMC3 Foundation. The 2021 recipient was Wade Ellis.

CMC3 Legacy Donor Award Winners

2021Wade Ellis
2020Pat McKeague
2019Guy DePrima
2018Debra Landre
2018Charles and Judith Barnett