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2019 Fall Conference in Monterey, Dec 6-7

The 47th Annual Fall Conference was held in Monterey on Dec 6-7, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa.

CMC3 Foundation Legacy Donor Award

The 2019 Foundation Legacy Donor Award was awarded to Guy DePrimo of City College of San Francisco (retired).

CMC3 President’s Award

The 2019 President’s Award was awarded to Darryl Allen of Solano Community College.

CMC3 Distinguished Service Award

The 2019 Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Marcella Laddon of Carrillo College (retired).

CMC3 Excellence in Teaching Awards

The 2019 Excellence in Teaching Awards were awarded to Elena Dachkova, Gavilan College and to Sarah Donovan of Solano Community College.

Friday Keynote Speaker: Dr. Omayra Ortega
47 Ways that Teaching Social Justice Will Make You Rich

In a perfect world I would create custom lesson plans for each new semester’s crop of students. I would tailor each example I use in class to meet the social, cultural, and mathematical needs of my students. I believe in the tenets of social justice, but I simply don’t have the time to do all of this. So, what can a well-meaning conscious teacher do? During this talk, I will share the changes that I have made to my pedagogy to create a more inclusive and equity-focused classroom environment, as well as the challenges that I’ve faced along the way. Audience members will learn practical ways of bringing the ideas of social justice into their classrooms on both the macro and micro scale.

Omayra Ortega

Dr. Omayra Ortega, Sonoma State University. Using the tools from statistics, mathematics, public health and epidemiology, Dr. Ortega tackles the emerging health issues. She is deeply committed to broadening the participation of underrepresented minorities in STEM and mentoring students through the challenges of academia.

Saturday Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jo Boaler
Limitless: Learn, Lead and Live without Barriers.

Recent years have seen an explosion of scientific evidence, from neuroscience, psychology and education showing that there is a different way to teach and learn, available to us all. When people take a limitless approach to learning – in mathematics and in life – different pathways open up to them, leading to higher, more equitable and more enjoyable achievement. Mindset messages are important but they do not take root unless they are accompanied by a multiplicity approach to content and life. In this session we will consider what a mindset and multiplicity approach to mathematics is. We will watch videos of students, work on mathematics together, and think together about ways to create equitable and engaging learning experiences that are limitless.

Note: Dr. Boaler would like you to have a look at this "mystery graph" prior to attending her talk. Am I crazy, or does this look like a plot of,... uh..., well,..., uh..., geeze, you know what I mean.

Dr. Boaler recently made an appearance on Freakonomics Radio discussing mathematics education.

Jo Boaler

Dr. Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University, and the faculty director of youcubed. She is the author of the first MOOC on mathematics teaching and learning. Former roles have included being the Marie Curie Professor of Mathematics Education in England, a mathematics teacher in London comprehensive schools and a lecturer and researcher at King’s College, London. Her PhD won the national award for educational research in the UK. She is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain), and a former president of the International Organization for Women and Mathematics Education (IOWME). She is the recipient of a National Science Foundation ‘Early Career Award’, the NCSM Kay Gilliland Equity Award (2014) and the CMC Walter Denham Mathematics Leadership award (2015). She is the author of fourteen books and numerous research articles. She recently formed to give teachers, parents and students the resources and ideas they need to inspire and excite students about mathematics. Her work has been published in the New York Times, TIME magazine, The Telegraph, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal and many other news outlets. She was recently named one of the 8 educators "changing the face of education" by the BBC.


After the conference please remember to provide us feedback on the conference by filling out the conference evaluation form as well as on each breakout session you attend. Help us make the conference better every year.

Schedule of the Saturday Concurrent Sessions

Room/Session Session 1
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Session 2
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Session 3
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Session 4
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
The Lesser Known Digital Tools that Revolutionized My Teaching Experience
Daniel Haiem
Presider: Darryl Allen
MyPhotoRoster: A Free way you can create a photo-based roster for your classes
Rob Knight
Evergreen Valley College
Code, Code, Send Rover Right Over!!!
Philip Magner
California State University, Stanislaus
Presider: Sarah Jones
No Session

Big Sur
(Pedagogy/Basic Skills)
Problem Sets, Problem Threads, and the Posa Method
Jillian Kimzey
Sacramento State University
Presider: Abigail Higgins
A Spiritual Side to Mathematics?
Pat McKeague
XYZ Textbooks &
Presider: Jay Lehmann
Video Series Creation: A Professional Approach
Roy Simpson
Cosumnes River College
Presider: Kirby Bunas
No Session

(Potpurri/Precalc and Above)
I made Homework Worth 70% of the Grade and Here’s What Happened.
Jon Blakely
College of the Sequoias
Presider: George Woodbury
Electrify the Linear Systems Problem
Jeff Anderson
Foothill College
Support Site
Presider: Cortney Schultz
Intro to Regression: Fun From Day One
Carol Keig
Sonoma State University
Presider: Tracey Jackson
Roundtable: Let’s Discuss AB705 Research and Implementation
Jen Carlin-Goldberg

Regency IV
(OER/AB 705)
OER and ZTC: Ways to Remove a Barrier to Student Success!
Barbara Illowsky
Michelson 20MM Foundation
Presider: Wade Ellis
AB705 Support Classes with Open Educational Resouces and MyOpenMath
Larry Green & Cindy Moss
Lake Tahoe College & Skyline College
Presider: Sarah Jones
Using An Affordable, User-friendly, Textbook-agnostic Homework System
Sid Grover
OER + AB705 = Department Redesign
Cindy Enrigue & Natalie De Moss
Long Beach City College
Regency V
(n>1)-Sample vs (n=1)-Sample Contests
Charles S. Barnett
Las Positas College
Presider: Carol Keig
Using Bayesian Statistics to Understand Frequentist Confidence Intervals
Kevin Brewer
Solano Community College
Presider: Chuck Barnett
Teaching Introductory Statistics: Ask Good Questions
Allan Rossman
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo
Presider: James Sullivan
Adjunct Workshop
Chantal Cimmiyotti
Mendocino College
Regency IV
(Student Support/Equity)
M & M’s: Making Mathematics Meaningful, Motivational, and Mental
Trey Cox
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Powerpoint Presentation
Word Presentation
Presider: Joseph Conrad
Student Poster Session
Organizer: James Sullivan
Sierra College
Promoting Equity Through Course Materials
Leslie Banta
Mendocino College

Metacognition and Mathematics: Implications on Equity
Abigail Higgins & Justin C Dunton
California State University, Sacramento
Presider: Leslie Banta