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2018 Spring Conference South Lake Tahoe, April 27-28

The 22nd Annual Spring Conference was held in South Lake Tahoe on April 27-28 at Lake Tahoe Community College.

Friday Keynote Speaker: Carlo Sequin, UC Berkeley
The Magic Power of Geometry and Topology

Carlo Sequin

The first part of the talk will introduce "Mathematical Seeing," a way to perceive constructions that cannot exist in our 3-dimenional universe. Examples are the "Platonic Solids" in four and higher dimensions and single-sided surfaces as they occur in Klein bottles. The second half will show how several artists have captured such concepts in real, physical sculptures. Some of these sculptures will then be analyzed for their underlying geometrical and topological ideas, and some of the more intriguing paradigms will be extended to new sculptural models of even higher complexity.

Saturday Keynote Speaker: Janko Gravner, UC Davis
Between Order and Disorder

Janko Gravner

Many interesting phenomena involve a mixture of randomness and order. On simple examples, we will present ideas such as self-organization and metastability. Rather than introducing formal statements, we will be looking for connections between mathematics, natural and social science and art.

Saturday Student Speaker: Christopher Yang, Las Positas College
Tidal Forces and the Expanding Lunar Orbit

Christopher will present a mathematical model for the expanding lunar orbit caused by tidal friction. The methods include using vector calculus to model gravitational forces, using gravitational level surfaces to model ocean tidal bulges, and using trigonometry to model the angle geometry of the Earth-Moon system.

Schedule of the Saturday Concurrent Sessions

Presentations can be found below.

Room/Session Session 1
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Session 2
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Session 3
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Session 4
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
A 208 Poker Math for Live Players
Deborah Frank
Fun with Optimization
T.J. Gaffney
AB 705 discussion
Leslie Banta
A Natural Suit for Artificial Intelligence
Nick Shaposhnikov
B 103 Conics from Orbital Elevators
Hop David
Bad Penny Problem
Chuck Barnett
AIME Problems for College Kids
Scott Annin & Steven Davis
Have I Got Problems (and Solutions)!
Steve Blasberg
E 106 A Circus of Circles
Rick Luttmann
Take-away Games
Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo
No Session

No Session

Other Events

Your conference registration includes a Foundation reception on Friday evening along with a continental breakfast and a lunch on Saturday. There will also be a Geocaching event immediately after lunch. Weather permitting, you will be given math problems whose solutions are the GPS coordinates of the hidden cache.

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