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Spring 2016 Recreational Conference at Lake Tahoe

The 20th Annual Spring Conference was held held in Stateline, NV on April 22-23 at The MontBleu Hotel and Spa.

Friday Keynote Speaker: Bruce Armbrust, Lake Tahoe Community College
Worlds Beyond Our Own

Throughout history, humanity has explored the world around them. With the advent of the telescope, that exploration shifted towards the stars. Today the search continues for worlds that lie beyond our solar system. This talk will share the history of planetary discovery as well as the various methods of exoplanet detection used today.

Saturday Keynote Speaker: Paul Zorn, St. Olaf College
Extreme Calculus

There is more to elementary calculus than may first meet the eye, especially to those of us who teach it again and again. Well-worn calculus techniques and topics: polynomials, optimization, root-finding, methods of integration, and more; often point to deeper, more general, more interesting, and sometimes surprising mathematical ideas and techniques. I’ll illustrate my thesis with figures, examples, and calculation, and give references to MAA publications and resources that can support taking elementary calculus to its extremes.

Born and raised in India, Paul Zorn is a professor of mathematics at St. Olaf College. His professional interests include complex analysis, mathematical exposition, textbook writing, and the role of mathematics among the liberal arts. His 1986 paper The Bieberbach Conjecture was awarded the 1987 Carl B. Allendoerfer Award for mathematical exposition. He has co-authored several calclulus textbooks with his St. Olaf colleague, Arnold Ostebee. His most recent book is Understanding Real Analysis (AK Peters, 2010). From 1996 to 2000, he was editor of Mathematics Magazine, and also served a hitch (2011-12) as President of the Mathematical Association of America.

Saturday Student Speaker: Nick Saal, Santa Rosa Junior College
Summation Methods on Divergent Series

In this talk, I will discuss summation methods that can be applied to certain divergent series in order to get a ’convergent’ value. I will show some surprising results that these methods lend themselves to, and while counter-intuitive these results are indeed of value in areas of applied mathematics.

Nick Saal is a dedicated and enthusiastic math major at Santa Rosa Junior College. He hopes to transfer to UC Berkeley in the fall to major in pure mathematics, and then attend graduate school to obtain his PhD. When he is not busy with school he is an avid musician.

Schedule of the Saturday Concurrent Sessions

Presentations provided can be found below.

Room/Session Session 1
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Session 2
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Session 3
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Session 4
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Aspen A A Spiritual Side of Mathematics
Pat McKeague
XYZ Textbooks
The Eternal Triangle Part I
Rick Luttmann
Sonoma State University (retired)
The Eternal Triangle Part II
Rick Luttmann
Sonoma State University (retired)
Number Sense and the Chinese Abacus
Cheryl Ooten
Santa Ana College (retired)
Aspen B A Connection Between Furstenberg’s and Euclid’s Proofs of the Infinitude of Primes
Nathan Carlson
California Lutheran University
Government, Liberty and Prosperity
Cliff Nelson
College of Marin
No Session
No Sesson
Aspen C Math and Statistics with Social Justice
Lori Maloney
Sacramento City College
The Mathematics of Martial Arts
Tityik Wong & James Lee
College of Southern Nevada
Presentation Superman Punch
Gauss’ Hidden Menagerie: The Graphic Nature of Gaussian Periods
Stephan Garcia
Pomona College
Where Does Kepler’s Third Law Hold?
Corey Shanbrom
CSU Sacramento

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