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2018 Fall Conference in Monterey:  Dec 7-8

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Friday Keynote Speaker:  Cornelia Van Cott, University of San Francisco

Sometimes Pi Equals 4

Most of your mathematical life, you have known that pi is an irrational number somewhere between 3.1 and 3.2. But if we exchange the usual Euclidean norm for another norm, the geometry of the plane changes, including a change in the shape of circles and the associated value of pi. From this new vantage point, pi can be any of an infinite number of different values. What are these values? What does a pi-value indicate about its associated norm and vice versa? We will observe several surprising twists and turns and find interesting questions that are yet unanswered.

Cornilia Van Cott

Cornelia Van Cott is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of San Francisco, where she has been for ten years. She received her B.S. in mathematics at Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois) and her Ph.D. at Indiana University. Outside of teaching math courses, she enjoys thinking about topology and working with children at math circles and summer math camps. Cornelia also serves on the leadership team for the San Francisco Math Teachers' Circle

Saturday Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Adam Glesser, CSU Fullerton

How to Read a Math Book: Reshaping Math Education Through Primary Historical Sources

Students in math classes frequently work under the assumption that reading is unnecessary since the instructor will explain everything in class. Meanwhile, instructors work under the assumption that their students won't (or can't) read and hence feel duty bound to explain everything in class. As long as everybody understands their role in this game of passive education, the students remain generally happy pretending to learn, and the teachers cringingly continue moving through content that they correctly conclude their students do not comprehend. In this talk, we explore what happened when several instructors decided to change the rules of the game, teaching the students how to read mathematical texts, and then requiring students to actually do it! In addition to summarizing the method, there will be lots of examples of successes and failures, links to an abundance of resources, and a case made that mathematics, as a student discipline, needs to recapture its role as a liberal art rather than a mechanical one.  
Dr. Adam Glesser

Adam Glesser received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from UC Santa Cruz and has taught at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), Suffolk University (Boston), and, for the last seven years, California State University, Fullerton. His primary research area is in the representation theory of finite groups, though in recent years he has branched out to do research in complex numbers, curvature, differential equations, affine geometry, math education, and even wrote a book for his department's Business Calculus course. In his free time, Adam enjoys coaching baseball and playing board games. In fact, his love of board games is so strong, he designed a freshmen level course that teaches problem solving through board games just so that he had an excuse to play games as school!

Call For Student Posters:  CMC3 welcomes community college mathematics students to participate in the student poster session for our conference.  A $150 scholarship will be awarded for each Student Poster entry presented at the Monterey Conference. ($150 to a single student presenter or $75 to each student of a pair of presenters).  Additional scholarships will be awarded to the winning poster(s).  To see the past poster session winners click here.  To access the poster session proposal form, click here

Invitation to Exhibitors:
  CMC3 welcomes all vendors who want to set up a booth to fill out the conference exhibitor form:  Invitation to Exhibit (PDF version) (Word version).  Please direct questions to Dean Gooch, our Vendor Rep. at


The planning for the Monterey 2018 conference is still occurring.  The room reservation link is:

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at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey for the Conference, the conference rate is $145 per night:

 Schedule of the Saturday Concurrent Sessions
9:00 - 10:00 am 10:30 - 11:30 am 2:30 - 3:30 pm 4:00 - 5:00 pm
A Conversation on AB 705 from the State Perspective
Dr. Janet Fulks & Katia Fuchs
ASCCC and City College of San Francisco
AB 705 and Developmental Math
Nicole Gray & Jennifer Sinclair
Foothill College
AB 705 and Statway
Scott Guth
Mt. San Antonio College
Skyline’s Answer to AB 705
David Hasson
Skyline College
Photomath: Friend or Foe?
Gale Bach & John Martin
Santa Rosa Junior College
The Cow Problem of Narayana Pandita
Dean Gooch
Santa Rosa Junior College
The Caliri Circles: a Set of Unit Circle Teaching Devices
David Caliri
Panel: What Does Industry Want From Our Students? 
Joe Conrad, Moderator
Unreasonable Utility of the"Good-As-New" Postulate in Probability and Statistics
Charles S. Barnett
Las Positas College
AB 705 Designing an Effective Corequisite Program
Jay Lehmann & Chris Walker
College of San Mateo
The Pedagogy of Presentation
Joshuah Harris
Alisal Union School District
Communities of Practice transitioning to an AB 705 world
Vanson Nguyen
College of Alameda
OER-enabled Canvas Sample Course Shells - Equity for all!
Barbara Illowsky
De Anza College
Free Online Math Homework System 101
Larry Green & Jessica Kuang
Lake Tahoe College and Oxnard College
1+1=3: The Synergies of Effective Group Work
Melissa Wolfson & Laura Louie
San Diego Miramar College
Panel: Leadership Opportunities at CMC^3
Katia Fuchs, Moderator
The (Mathematics of) the Great American Eclipse
Trey Cox
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Poster Session
James Sullivan, Organizer
Infuse Sustainability in Your Courses
Sara Jones
Santa Rosa Junior College
Khan Academy Missions and Community College Math Ed Research
Shandy Hauk
San Jose State University BA/Single Subject Credential in Mathematics
Barbara Pence & Cheryl Roddick
San Jose State University
Incorporating Mathematical Mindsets
George Woodbury
College of the Sequoias

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