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2017 Fall Conference in Monterey:  Dec 8-9

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Friday 2017 Keynote Speaker, Konstantin Batygin, Caltech

Planet 9 from Outer Space

At the outskirts of the solar system, beyond the orbit of Neptune, lies an expansive field of icy debris known as the Kuiper belt. The orbits of the individual asteroid-like bodies within the Kuiper belt trace out highly elongated elliptical paths, and require hundreds to thousands of years to complete a single revolution around the Sun. Although the majority of the Kuiper belt’s dynamical structure can be understood within the framework of the known eight-planet solar system, bodies with orbital periods longer than about 4,000 years exhibit a peculiar orbital alignment that eludes explanation. What sculpts this alignment and how is it preserved? In this talk, I will argue that the observed clustering of Kuiper belt orbits can be maintained by a distant, eccentric, Neptune-like planet, whose orbit lies in approximately the same plane as those of the distant Kuiper belt objects, but is anti-aligned with respect to those of the small bodies. In addition to accounting for the observed grouping of orbits, the existence of such a planet naturally explains other, seemingly unrelated dynamical features of the solar system.
Konstantin Batygin Picture

Konstantin Batygin is an Assistant Professor of Planetary Sciences and the Van Nuys Page Scholar at Caltech. He has been recognized by the 2015 Forbes list of 30 scientists under 30 who are changing the world, and has been named one of the “Brilliant 10" people of 2016 by Popular Science magazine.

Saturday 2017 Keynote Speaker, Brandy Wiegers, Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington

Math Saves the Day

How we use math to help with preventing, understanding, and assisting with disasters? In this presentation we will examine the BP Oil Spill, Oroville Dam Failure, and Hurricane Harvey using a mathematical lens.  Several quantitative tools will be introduced to examine these national events and help our students better contextualize these events. The material presented can be modified to be used in classroom activities for all levels of students and will include problem solving and interactive exploration.
Dr. Brandy

Dr. Brandy Wiegers is an assistant professor at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.  She received Biological Systems Engineering and Mathematics degrees from the University of Idaho (in Moscow, Idaho). From UI she went on to complete a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of California, Davis with a research focus on computational mathematical biology and numerical analysis. Since receiving her PhD Dr. Wiegers has become a leader in mathematical outreach as founding director of the National Association of Math Circles and current Director of the Pacific Northwest Mathematical Outreach Web (Math POW!).  

Prior to her current position Dr. Wiegers spent twelve years in California including five years working at San Francisco State University as a Program Director of Outreach and Student Success. In this position Wiegers was the Director of the San Francisco Math Circle, the Co-Director of the SFSU (CM)^2 NSF GK12 program, and the Director of the Bay Area Circle for Teachers. In addition she had the opportunity to be involved with Math Circles, Bridge to Engineering Pathways (B2E), Adventures in Precalculus! and various professional development efforts.  She has continued this work in various forms in Washington, having founded the Kittitas Valley Math Circle, served as Director of the CWU Math Honors program, and more. Dr. Wiegers’s presentation will bring these experiences together to provide an introduction to mathematical problem solving, outreach, and more. 

Learn more about Dr. Brandy at her website  or @drbrandymath


Call For Student Posters:  CMC3 welcomes community college mathematics students to participate in the student poster session for our conference.  A $150 scholarship will be awarded for each Student Poster entry presented at the Monterey Conference. ($150 to a single student presenter or $75 to each student of a pair of presenters).  Additional scholarships will be awarded to the winning poster(s).

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