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CMC3 Teaching Excellence Awards

Dr. Chris Burditt, Napa Valley College
Dr. Burditt has been teaching at Napa Valley College for over 40 years.  He has always given 110 percent to his student and was a past recipient of our McPherson Distinguished Teacher Award.  Dr. Burditt was a full time instructor for over 30 years and for the past 10 years has been an adjunct.  
    Dr. Burditt has bailed our department out numerous times by taking additional course loads due to unexpected emergencies.  He is always here for the NVC Math Department and his students.

Doli Bambhania, De Anza College
Doli is an enthusiastic and energetic instructor.  She is well-liked by her students at all levels of classes, and students hurry to enroll in her classes.  She has introduced alternative low-cost learning materials for her students, adapting and expanding open-source materials to use with her algebra students.
    Doli has been very active in our department and division and the college.  She has been on the DARE committee, committed to helping our developmental students.  
    Last year, Doli started up an inter-divisional group of faculty to support of STEM students.  Inspired by programs for STEM students at Foothill College that are supported by grant money, Doli initiated a group at De Anza with no financial support and led the group through a successful first program in which De Anza alumni working or attending graduate or professional school in STEM fields spoke to and fielded questions from De Anza students planning a future in STEM fields.
    Because of the efforts and talents that Doli brings to our department from so many perspectives, she is well-deserving of the CMC3 Teaching Excellence award.

Sara Decelle, Cabrillo College
Sara Decelle has been an adjunct instructor at Cabrillo College for over ten years.  She brought with her a strong mathematical background with an emphasis in mathematical education.  She has been consistently bringing those skills into her classrooms and has become an expert in using group work as a teaching pedagogy.
    She is passionate about what she does, bringing her knowledge to the department and to the college.  She has been an active member of the union as well and has been willing to serve as our division representative, tirelessly keeping us informed of union activities.  She also promises and coordinates department giving to various campus organizations during the Holidays.
    The College recognized her efforts this Fall by awarding her the John Hurd Award for Teaching Excellence, given to an outstanding adjunct instructor each year.

Frederick Teti, City College of San Francisco   
Mr. Teti has a B. S. in Mathematics from Yale University, and a PhD from UC Berkeley.  He was first hired as a long-term substitute for the Fall of 1995, and made the transition to a tenure-track position starting in the Fall of 1996.  Throughout Fred's career, students at all levels have found his teaching to be awesome and inspiring.  Several of Fred's former students have gone on to become community college math instructors!
    Fred has also spent countless hours tirelessly working on committees in and outside of the Math department.  Most notably, Fred has worked on the CCSF Academic Senate Executive Council (where he has been Senate President in the past), and as the adviser for the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society.
    In his personal life, Fred has been a co-chair of the S. F. Pride's Safety Subcommittee, and enjoys watching Dr. Who episodes with his friends.



DeAnza Colleg  -  Richard Lopez

Richard Lopez was one of the founding instructors of the MPS program, Math Performance Success. He has taught in the program many times over the years. Richard's students also love him - they enjoy his dedication and his humor. Richard always has students who come to see him during his office hours - a testament to his rapport with students.




Debbie is an excellent classroom instructor.  She runs a dynamic class, using lecture, discussion, and group work to engage students in their study of mathematics.  By carefully selecting examples, she requires students to think critically…during class, on homework, and on exams.  Debbie is committed to the education of all students who pass through the math department.  She worked with colleagues Marc Knobel and Brian Stanley to develop a new precalculus sequence and materials, thoughtfully addressing the skills and knowledge students need to succeed in calculus.  Through that new curriculum, every student moving on to study calculus has a better chance of succeeding.  She is always willing to help new faculty and as part-time mentor, she shared her passion, high-standards, sound advice, and untold time with all of the part-time math faculty.  She works tirelessly to help ensure that the Foothill College Math Department is a place where students get an excellent math education.  We are delighted to honor her for her teaching excellence.




Sacramento City College is pleased to award the CMC3 Excellence in Teaching Award to the Chihuahua of the department – JanetHandel.  Janet has been a compact  but mighty  part of the department since 1987 and this spunky teacher will be retiring next year.  She has been a fierce and loyal advocate of students - - often going out of her way to counsel athletes and students with learning and psychological disabilities.  Early in her tenure, she helped set up the SCC Mathematics Lab and continues to wander in there from time to time, volunteering her time with students.  Janet has also served on the CMC3 Board and SCC Staff Development Committee and Academic Senate, where she often bravely confronted  issues  and dug to the bottom of the problem.  We will miss her bark tremendously!




For the past 21 years Dr. Elzbieta Jarrett has taught, mentored and nurtured academic excellence in students at Modesto Junior College.   She is extremely generous with her time and knowledge to our new faculty, mentoring them for a smooth transition to teaching at our college.  Her work on the Math Personnel Committee, Petitions Committee, Math Assessment Test Committee and numerous other committees has made Elzbieta an incredible asset to our department that we greatly appreciate.




Fred Bourgoin’s potential as an excellent instructor was recognized before he even earned his master’s degree.  He was hired part-time at Laney College under the Faculty Diversity Internship Program.  Then in short order, degree in hand, Fred joined the Laney College full-time faculty in 2005, where he has contributed to countless committees across campus, earning him a well-deserved reputation from his colleagues as a wise voice of reason, and complementing the high praise offered by his students evidenced by the instructor review process.  Since January 2011, Fred, as Math Department Chair, has skillfully and masterfully guided the Math Department through the “challenges” created by the budget cuts that have threatened the quality of education throughout the state in recent years.  Go Fred!



Janet is our candidate not only for her teaching but for her work with our Math Club and Future teacher club. Both of these clubs have been recent award winners as has Janet, who was the club advisor of the year. Janet is also on the Academic Senate representing the Mathematics department



Chris Keen has been a mathematics instructor at College of the Sequoias for 17 years.

She has been an instrumental leader and strong visionary for our department, and teaches

all levels of students from prealgebra to differential equations. She served as Division

Chair from 2010-2013, has served on the Faculty Enrichment Committee, Essential

Learning Initiative, and the Academic Senate, as well as numerous departmental

committees. She is a strong voice for maintenance of standards, and has been

instrumental in incorporating Wolfram Mathematica into her classes. She often teaches in

the First Year Experience program and is well know by our stem major students in

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Association (MESA). She was selected as MESA

Mathematics Instructor of the Year in both 2011 and 2013.



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