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Why We Are Here

CMC3 as an organization is committed to engaging in anti-racist practices, and engaging in discourse to address systemic issues of racism and exclusion in STEM education. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the empowerment of marginalized mathematics students from Northern California Community Colleges. CMC3 has been doing so since 1972, although the beginnings of CMC3 date to 1968. Officially the birthdate of CMC3 is 1973.If you are curious about the origins of CMC3 please view the history of CMC3. CMC3 is very lucky that the founders of our organization recorded the history/origins of it.

Newly Proposed Legislation!

We've all experienced the great changes to community college math education forced upon faculty by the passage of AB705. This year another bill has been proposed, AB1705. This bill takes another step in a direction that many math faculty feel is the wrong one. This bill will leave no path into STEM careers for those that didn't complete high school. The high school graduation requirement in CA is Algebra I. Algebra II or its equivalent contains skills necessary to be successful in college level math and other stem courses. Some school districts do go above the state minimum and require Algebra II for graduation. However many high schools, particularly in less affluent areas, do not go beyond the state minimum.

CMC3 has engaged in a great deal of conversation and debate about the content of this proposed legislation, and had prepared the following position paper on this legislation, which is available in Word format as well as PDF. UPDATE: AMATYC (The American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges) has issued letters that it has sent to State Chancellor Eloy Oakley, and Assemblywoman Irwin, the author of AB1705.

Foundation Scholarships

It is again that time of year when the foundation is taking scholarship nominations.

2022 Spring Conference

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic the in-person 2022 Spring Conference, normally held in South Lake Tahoe, will once again be instead a remote conference.

2022 Fall Conference

CMC3's 2022 Fall Conference, our 50th (wow, our 50th!) will return to Monterey and be face-to-face.

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Why Support CMC3?

CMC3 was founded in 1972 to provide a forum through which community college mathematics faculty in Northern and Central California can express themselves professionally at the local, state, and national level, as well as to support mathematical activity by students and faculty.

CMC3 works to improve the quality of mathematics education in California and better prepare students for the future in which they'll find themselves, one they not likely have expected. The methods by which it does so include holding Fall and Spring conferences, funding scholarships through its foundation, and working with partners AMATYC and CMC3 South to help the legislature and the Chancellor’s Office make the right decisions on how to best serve students.

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